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Purple emperor~ mini sun-catcher, rainbow refractor
  • Purple emperor~ mini sun-catcher, rainbow refractor


    Bright shimmering brown to purple flash Purple emperor wings framed within custom cut glass, rustic silver spiky solder with a small faceted glass crystal teardrop accent.
    The double-sided glass surrounds the butterfly and allows for a clear view of the beautiful contrast between the back and front of the wings.
    The faceted glass crystals that surround this butterfly catch the light and turn it into rainbows. This piece when hung in the right spot can fill a whole room with speckled rainbow lighting.
    IMPORTANT- This treasure can hang in a car but under extreme heat may start to change colour (as the car can trap heat and cook these wings like they are in an oven). Sun cooked wings are just as stunning in my opinion so go wild!

    To keep this baby in its best shape avoid prolonged intense high heat, water/steam, hang indoors and when needed, clean gently with a silver cloth.
    This piece is made of REAL butterfly wings~ slight imperfections are to be expected and make this piece truly unique.

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