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Silver serpent~ Ruffle top
  • Silver serpent~ Ruffle top

    $179.00 Regular Price
    $89.50Sale Price

    Designed in Naarm- handmade in India from up-cycled cotton offcuts, naturally dyed, handwoven from handspun cotton, our ruffle top could not be any sweeter.

    Soft cotton ruffles with a double-lined chest and a sturdy band make this piece perfect to be worn bra-free with no worries of being seen through. Each Ruffle Top is hand embroidered with fine silver thread, by one of our female artisans in India. Each piece is as unique as an artwork- no two will ever be the same.

    The Ruffle Top and is perfect to be dressed up or down. Our favourite way to wear it is paired with our Ruffle Skirt (for full fairy princess vibes) but it can also be rocked cutely and casually with a simple pair of jeans. As with each of our garments, there is only a very limited quantity made. This piece will forever be an exclusive keepsake and we hope you cherish it for years.

    The Ruffle top has an elastic edging meaning it can comfortably fit many different sizes, it also has a band that bows at your back that helps keep the top sturdy and provides some seriously flattering definition.


     in cool water and hanging to dry.
    This piece has been hand-dyed with indigo the first few washes might leek extra colour, including salt in the water will help deter this.


    Other important info-

    -Because our cotton is hand spun and woven you might notice some pilling in the first few wears, this is a sign of high-quality baby! We recommend gently removing the pills with pilling tape- it will stop happening once the fabric has settled


    Sizing- Measurements
    please measure to make sure you pick the right size! 


    Xs/S - Chest width min 65cm, max 1114cm
               chest hight 24.5cm
               arm width min 24cm max 42cm

                  arm length  54.5cm


    M/L - Chest width min 70cm, max 132cm

              chest hight 24.5cm
                arm width min 24cm, max 42
              arm length 52cm

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